All lists should be family-friendly in nature with no illegal, offensive, or \"adult\" subject matter. If you were wanting to start an adult based topsites list, please go to the following link: Adult Top Sites

List owners are responsible for their lists, please ensure that sites joining do not break the terms of use set out here. It is best to have your topsites list set up where you have to approve new sites wanting to join, this will help ensure joining sites are relevant to your list and do not break terms of use.

List admins should never use spam techniques to promote their list. Don\'t sign up to a bunch of unrelated lists, as this is a good way to have your site banned. If you email sites asking them to join your list, keep track of who you have contacted so that you are not contacting them multiple times.

Lists and may not promote topics such as violence, hate, intolerance, hacking, cracking, warez, pornography, \"adult\" themes, illegal drugs.

Lists and forums must not be used as the target of \"traffic blast\" packages or in autosurf etworks, or with any other system that artificially boosts or reates automatic pageviews. Lists and sites doing so will be deleted.

Lists must retain a certain level of activity. Lists that have had no new votes or no administrator login in the past 90 days will be considered abandoned and may be removed.

All lists will include advertisements added by the system.

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