Top Sites List Features

The features listed below are available to all list owners.

  • Choose whether to auto-approve sites added to your list or have it set so that you need to approve the sites personally.
  • Edit/delete/suspend sites that are part of your list
  • Anti-cheating measures are in place, such as IP checking and optional gateway.
  • Determine the size of banners sites are allowed to use, have all banners hosted by us for fast retrieval.
  • Choose from a continually growing selection of templates. Even fine tune your topsites list by choosing table and font colors. Add your own background image and logo.
  • Allow or disallow sites to be shown that have no hits coming in.
  • Choose whether or not to have a site-of-the-moment featured (this section will show a randomly selected site before the start of the list and will rotate once per hour.
  • Choose how many sites will display a banner in the list (top 5, top 10 or all).
  • Choose how many sites will be listed per page.
  • Search engine friendly URL, your top sites list pages will be easily indexed by search engines.
  • Sites can be rated by visitors (1 - 5 star system).
  • Each list member can see stats on their sites, such as how many hits in and out they are receiving daily, weekly, monthly and the total of each since sign up.
  • You will also have the same stats for your top sites list, see how your list is growing month to month with total members and votes.
  • Add your own 'vote-for-me' buttons that will be used on sites that join your list. You may also use the generic ones supplied when you sign up.
  • Choose when your list's stats reset (Daily, Weekly, Monthly or never) This does not affect your ongoing stats, just for the rankings themselves.
  • Other features as well.

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